Most thorough, most caring, and most helpful chiropractor. Tailors a treatment to the patient's needs.

I cannot even begin to say how much I appreciate Dr. Gary  King. I have been seeing chiropractors for over 20 years for everything  from headaches to back pain, to tailbone pain, etc. I have seen some  really good ones, but hands down, Dr. King is the most thorough, most  caring, and most helpful chiropractor I have been treated by. He is so  knowledgeable and passionate. He spends time with the patient, and  really tailors a treatment to the patient's needs. Thank you Dr. King  for your incredible care for your patients! 

The Best!

Dr. King saw me right on time. Everyone in the office was  kind. I had suffered from headaches on a daily basis for almost 6 years  prior to seeing Dr. King. I have seen Dr. King for three weeks and have  not had a headache since my first treatment - Thank You! I wish I saw a  chiropractor sooner. 

Truly cares about your well-being and getting better. Dr. King has greatly improved my life. A+

Recently moving to Orlando and having bad chiropractors  in the past--I knew I had to take the time and find a great Dr. here.  Once I came across Dr. King, the search was over. He is one of the most  genuine people and truly cares about your well-being and getting better.  He focuses on well-rounded chiropractic techniques, nutrition, exercise  and mental health, that when combined, creates a dynamic healing  process.His goal is to greatly improve one's bodily mechanics and  eliminate pain--to improve one's functions to where they need to only  come back in extended intervals, if at all depending on condition;  unlike many Dr.'s who lay out extensive and expensive treatment plans  that aren't necessary.I was messed up good from a golf injury and other  Dr.'s, but Dr. King has greatly improved my life--from going once a week  to now only once a month! I'm able to golf, exercise and work again. I enjoy going there :) A+. 

One single session and the sharp pain was gone! I recommend Dr. King to all my fellow coworkers musicians.

I'm a cellist and suffered for years of lower back pain. I  tried several chiropractors in the past years, with close to zero  success. Suddenly a sharp and unbearable sharp pain appeared and I was  on Google searching for best reviews on chiropractors. I did not bother  to call, I just drove immediately to his office at lunch time and the  Doctor himself let me in. After telling him about my horrible pain, he  visited me on his lunch break!!!! To my absolute surprise in one single  session the sharp pain was gone. He is very knowledgeable, extremely  intelligent and very caring human been. For the first time in my life I  will recommend a chiropractor to my fellow coworkers musicians. 

Very nice and helpful

Very nice and helpful. Obviously likes his work and it  shows. Staff is friendly and very nice. He fixed my problem in a few  visits, I go sometimes for check ups now. He doesn't pressure you. 

Dr. King helped me get my health back. Thank you Dr. King.

I was not expecting to be treated with so much care and  compassion. He really cares for his patients. Dr. King helped me get my  health back and never suggested to make more treatments than needed. My  neck pain is nearly gone and my energy levels are much higher. I wish I  heard about him sooner! 

Dr. King saved my life.

Dr. King saved my life. Three doctors strongly  recommended surgery as my ONLY option. Dr. King proved them all wrong. I  never once felt like I was being "cracked" and he took me from using a  walker to jogging 

Must-have doctor for anyone.

Doctor King is a must-have doctor for anyone. He is very  passionate about his profession, always give me the best treatment and  advice. Not to say how awesome that traction table is. 

Dr. King is THE BEST chiropractor in the state of Florida by far!!

Dr King is THE BEST chiropractor in the state of Florida  by far!! Just an amazing guy in general and his knowledge just puts the  icing on the cake! 

Dr. King is a great chiropractor: always positive, committed and punctual!

I am a pro golfer and I had 3 sessions with Dr. King the  past 2 weeks. Dr. King has been very helpful since he fixed my shoulder  issue and he also explained me the reasons of my injury! Dr. King is a  great chiropractor: always positive, committed and punctual! Feels great  to work with him! 

Dr. King is very professional and caring. Two thumbs up for Dr. King...and if I had three thumbs, I'd give him all of them!

Dr. King is professional and caring and he knows his  stuff. He talks me through everything he is doing and uses real-life  stories/illustrations/analogies to help me to understand what is going  on with my body. The last time I saw him, he adjusted me and that night,  I slept better than I had in years. I had forgotten that sleep could be  so peaceful, when my body is the way that it ought to be. Dr. King's  individual and personalized care and concern for me help me to know that  my health matters to him. I never felt rushed, nor did I ever feel like  he was rushed. I tell all my friends in the area that if they have  knee, ankle, head, neck, back, shoulder issues, that he is easily the  man to see. Two thumbs up for Dr. King...and if I had three thumbs, I'd  give him all of them! 

Thank you, Dr. King and staff.

I am very thankful for Dr. King's compassion,  understanding, information and technical applications of techniques. I  have greatly benefited from his expertise and care. Not only is my back  better but my whole body has responded to better health, vitality and  strength. Thank you, Dr. King and staff. I appreciate your cheerfulness  and helpfulness always. 

Amazed! I can say enough worlds of appreciation that he has done for me to live a painless life!

I have been going to Dr. King for a few years now and am  amazed how he always seems to stay fresh and deal with what ever body  issues I bring him. His knowledge as well as his staffs professionalism  lets me know I am in very capable hands now matter how bad I am feeling  when I get there. He's also not one of those doctors who tells you to  come in everyday for the rest of your life. I takes into consideration  how you feel and what you think. I can say enough worlds of appreciation  that he has done for me to live a painless life! 

Not your typical stack um and crack um chiropractor

I was recommended to Dr. King after a car accident. He  was not the first chiropractor I have been to, but if I had my choice,  he would be my last. His knowledge of his field is astonishing and the  care he has for each patient is moving. He is not your typical stack um  and crack um chiropractor. He takes the time to explain how each  adjustment is connected to every thing else and how it will help you. I  have seen the Dr. for over 2 years and he was always able to fit me in  if I absolutely needed adjusting. I highly recommend him to everyone  because he was able to fix pains and aches I would have never thought to  associate with chiro. 

Best Chiropractor in Orlando!

If you're looking for the best chiropractor in Orlando, I  strongly recommend King Health Center. Dr. King and his staff  has  professional attitude, care and treatment. If you've ever had doubts  about chiropractic, you must visit King Health Center to see how  effective and life-changing it could be. 

I had a car accident, and he fixed me in just few days!

He is the best...i had a car accident and a friend  recommended Dr. King to me and he did fix me in few days i feel much  better i am thinking of sending my whole family member to see him at  least ones to be sure that everybody is in good shape and healthy body.. 

He's not about the money, he's about healing you.

I was scheduled for disk replacement surgery and wanted a  less invasive option. After one session my pain was gone. I learned  more about my MRI with Dr King than from the 2 orthopedics I went to. He  explained in easy to understand terms exactly what needed to be done.  I'm still amazed at how I feel after a session. He's not about the  money, he's about healing you. 

Competent professional and actually cares for his patients.

Dr. King is a very competent professional, always have  the best advice and actually cares for his patients. I've Been his  client for many years now, and I have no words to thank him enough for  all his has done for me. 

An exceptional chiropractor

Love Love Love Dr. King, Amy & Chelsea. They are  amazing. I was referred to Dr. King by a co-worker and I could not be  happier. I was having some major back and neck pain over the years. Dr.  King is the first chiropractor I have ever been too. He is extremely  knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I am happy to say I am on a healthy  maintenance plan with Dr. King. I highly recommend Dr. King & staff to anyone that is  in need of an exceptional chiropractor.