"He's not about the money, he's about healing you."

  "I was scheduled for disk replacement surgery and wanted a less invasive option. After one session my pain was gone. I learned more about my MRI with Dr King than from the 2 orthopedics I went to. He explained in easy to understand terms exactly what needed to be done. I'm still amazed at how I feel after a session. He's not about the money, he's about healing you. "

"Best Chiropractor in Orlando!"

 "If you're looking for the best chiropractor in Orlando, I strongly recommend King Health Center. Dr. King and his staff has professional attitude, care and treatment. If you've ever had doubts about chiropractic, you must visit King Health Center to see how effective and life-changing it could be." 

Caring Chiropractor in Orlando Florida

"I have been recovering from an auto accident and needed back, sternum, and neck corrections not treatable through standard health care. Dr King was instantly able to identify the issues and proceed to immediate successful treatment. Even more impressive though was his ability to target a related scar tissue challenge in my shoulder that was keeping me from swimming and had been a daily source of pain and aggravation for 9 months. His knowledge of alternative treatments and techniques and how they might enhance standard chiro has been nothing short of miraculous for me. My day to day posture is improved, flexibility is back, and I am able to engage in activities and sports I have not considered in 20 years. Dr King and his staff are personable, caring, and the consummate professionals. I recommend this practice with the highest marks."

"I wish I had heard about him sooner!"

"I was not expecting to be treated with so much care and compassion. He really cares for his patients. Dr. King helped me get my health back and never suggested to make more treatments than needed. My neck pain is nearly gone and my energy levels are much higher. I wish I heard about him sooner!"

"He took me from using a walker to jogging."

"Dr. King saved my life. Three doctors strongly recommended surgery as my ONLY option. Dr. King proved them all wrong. I never once felt like I was being "cracked" and he took me from using a walker to jogging."

"Dr King has greatly improved my life!"

"Recently moving to Orlando and having bad chiropractors in the past--I knew I had to take the time and find a great Dr. here. Once I came across Dr. King, the search was over. He is one of the most genuine people and truly cares about your well-being and getting better. He focuses on well-rounded chiropractic techniques, nutrition, exercise and mental health, that when combined, creates a dynamic healing process.His goal is to greatly improve one's bodily mechanics and eliminate pain--to improve one's functions to where they need to only come back in extended intervals, if at all depending on condition; unlike many Dr.'s who lay out extensive and expensive treatment plans that aren't necessary. I was messed up good from a golf injury and other Dr.'s, but Dr. King has greatly improved my life--from going once a week to now only once a month! I'm able to golf, exercise and work again. I enjoy going there :) A+"