Injury Care

Auto Injuries

Have you been injured while driving in the Orlando or Windermere area?  Many patients seek care in our office for car accident injuries due to so many distracted drivers being on the roads.  A visit to a chiropractor should always follow an auto injury, as chiropractors are specialists in damage to soft and hard tissue. 

How Can a Chiropractor Help Me After My Auto Accident? 

Dr. King has many years of experience treating patients who have been injured in car accidents. Many times, individuals who have been injured in a car accident experience such intense muscle pain and stiffness that they simply cannot function normally. When left untreated, this discomfort can be a serious issue.  

If necessary we can make referrals for additional studies (MRI) or additional specialists (neurologist, orthopedist). 

I'm Already in Pain, Will Treatment Hurt? No, Dr. King uses very low force and accurate treatments and therapies to gently relieve your pain and increase your motion.  We always go at a pace that is comfortable for you.  Immediate treatment helps your body to heal faster and properly.

Personal Injury

Personal injury is defined as bodily harm that comes from being involved in any type of accident or mishap such as:  

  • Automobile accidents
  • Bike and pedestrian collisions
  • Boat and airplane accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • OSHA violations
  • Medical malpractice

Chiropractors are professionals who uncover underlying issues in personal injury accidents. Whether using a single spinal adjustment or a series of treatment, visiting a chiropractor is one of the best options to start the healing process. 

If you find yourself in a personal injury accident, schedule a consultation with a chiropractor, as you may have underlying issues that we can help diagnose and treat.  

Sports Injury

Professional athletes are constantly reaching new heights in their professional careers. With each passing year, new records are shattered and the human body is pushed to its limits. Competitors train rigorously and take their diets to a new level every day. Yet despite the conscientious care and precautions that athletes follow, most experience musculoskeletal injuries at one time or another.  

Chiropractors and Sports Injuries 

Chiropractors are to athletes as cardiologists are to those who suffer from cardiovascular disease.  Chiropractic treatment offers a balanced, holistic approach, by using spinal adjustments and physical therapy techniques to help the patient’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments return to their normal function.  

Chiropractic care meticulously tends to the needs of the athlete because special attention is given to the spine, joints, muscles, tendons, and nerves. Additionally, chiropractic care ensures that all pieces of the musculoskeletal system are working harmoniously in their healthiest, most natural state.  

Professional athletes recognize tremendous value in chiropractic care because they realize that it helps them maximize athletic performance. Whether you’re an athlete or weekend warrior, receiving chiropractic care will enable you to reach an optimum level of achievement without breaking yourself.