Walk Safe and Game On

Walk Safe and Game On

Seeing people out walking in mass numbers is a dream come true for any chiropractor! It is so important to get off the couch and stay active and keep the blood pumping that we hope you “catch ‘em all” that may be hanging around King Health Center of Orlando. Just remember, no Bulbasaur is worth a pulled muscle or heat stroke!

  The excitement surrounding Nintendo’s Pokèmon GO has physicians all over the country as proud of their patients as when Nintendo introduced Wii Active! Legs are working, heartrates are rising (in a good way) and for many holistic conscious doctors, community participation and social connections are increasing outlooks on health.

  Chiropractic care specialists can tell you plenty of stories, from the craziest to the most common, that will have you shocked at the rates of daily accidents. So when numbers start to rise even more, chiropractors take notice. Chiropractic services have been enlisted to care for:
  • Walking into stationary objects (poles, cars, trees, etc.)
  • Trips & Falls
  • Car accidents
  • Pulled muscles
  Even though you are out of the house and staying active, you have to heed your surroundings. Accident reports are pouring in from people walking with their heads in their phones, not looking where they are going. Sure the memes and gifs are funny but falling off a cliff to your death (two cases in the US so far) is going too far.

  Even though you are just playing a game on an app, you have to dress and stretch appropriately. You can’t go from never exercising to constant movement without some form of preparation for your body. By all means DON’T STOP; just be smart. This IS Florida. Make sure you:
  • Wear clothes that won’t make you pass out mid step from this heat wave
  • Bring water and frequently rehydrate
  • Wear comfortable, secure shoes good for the soles, feet, ankles, calves…etc.
  Most importantly, please watch your step and be conscious of others, gamers or simply other pedestrians.  For more advice and assistance from a trusted Orlando chiropractor, stop by www.kinghealthcenter.com or walk on into King Health Center!


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