These Old Aching Bones

These Old Aching Bones

When your great Uncle Lou used to swear a storm was coming because his knee was acting up. When Aunt Pearl would kick up the heat over night when it wasn’t even cold outside. The signs of weather change have been present in the way our bodies react since man first started calling Earth his home. Bone and joint agitation can be the result of atmospheric pressure changes. If you thought Aunt Pearl was psychic when you woke up to a freezing cold morning, maybe you were right; but she knew better!

Barometric pressure is the real superstar here. Even though the research varies from one expert to the next, it is somewhat widely accepted that there is some correlation between the weather and human joints. Many times Arthritis is the true culprit even if managed with proper diet and exercise. The ones that believe the ‘hype’ the most are those who have been alive long enough to recognize the difference. Chiropractors everywhere can attest to the theory on at least some level based on the stories, recurring visits and pain patterns of their patients. As the weather drops, even if Orlando chiropractic does not see the intense temperature changes like those further north, a number of ailments seem to be triggered. It is not just knees and other osteo-related issues. There are even testimonies of:
    • Jaw Pain (usually Sinus pressure related)
    • Migraines
    • Past Injury Flare-ups
    • Muscle Fatigue
Along with an increase in your Vitamin D intake, a family chiropractor can assist in relieving some of that atmospheric pressure tension by performing specific services they conduct year round. From massage to acupuncture to vibration therapy, the best chiropractor knows exactly how to get you feeling like you could run a mile in the cold. King’s Health Center of Greater Orlando is no exception there!


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