Sip Responsibly This New Year

Sip Responsibly This New Year

One of the most commonly believed myths about drunk driving is the belief that the number of car accidents that happen on New Year’s Eve is greater than any other day of the year. In actuality, NYE doesn’t even compare to the dangers of Thanksgiving sipping. As surprising as this is, it should not take away from the dangerous terrain known as the streets of New Year’s Eve. Here at King Health Center of the greater Orlando area, as a Chiropractic, we strive to warn everyone to remain wary of the multiple affects to one’s quality of life after an automobile accident. The consequences of driving while under the influence of alcohol are staggering and SHOULD be enough to make people don’t even consider it. However, that is not the case. When you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, you place the well-being of you, your passengers and the occupants of every other car on the road in your incapable hands.

Stuck somewhere between excited and terrified, most Americans can recall that high school assembly when the school filed outside to witness a prom night gone terribly, horribly wrong. A production originated by the minds of the organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D), later known as Mothers Against Destructive Decisions) with the participation of Fire Departments around the country is a precautionary tale of what can happen when someone drives while drunk. It tugs on the heart strings, makes you laugh, like the characters and become mentally involved in seeing them have an amazing night. It does turn into a night they will never forget, that is for sure.

The reenactment starts with the couple getting ready at their respective homes or even as early as when the boy asks the girl to accompany him to their prom. You go through the motions with them, laughing at camera happy parents and nervous car door openings. The mood of normalcy is set and as a member of the audience, you’re just excited to be excused from class for a while. Then things get dicey as events begin to take a turn:

1. The student prom goers, accompanied by another couple disappear in their car clearly drinking or already leaving the after party intoxicated.

2. The scene changes to the parents back at home going about a normal evening when the phone rings. A travesty has occurred and they rush out the door chanting to themselves “Not her, not our…” over and over.

3. Another scene change. The car the students were previously driving is now a real replica of its former glory. It is a crumbled heap with a body on the ground a few feet away, one screaming from the backseat, one slumped over the other seat and one hurt but more in shock and scared than physically hurt…the driver.

4. The audience is watching the entire reenactment unfold as a real fire engine, ambulance and police car arrive and go into immediate action. The Jaws of Life are brought out and used, the body on the ground is pronounced dead and covered, the slumped body is trying to be revived and the driver is arrested.

5. The parents soon arrive in a frantic episode giving you the audience a tear evoking performance. Hysterics ensue, the consequences are explained, and statistics with cautionary information is doled out. Consequences range from a paralyzed future, jail time, permanent psychological distress or mental disorders to even death.

Every school district sees a variation of the reenactment, if it is performed at all, with helicopters or other extremes to show the severity to the high schoolers watching in awe. The one constant in the scenario is the mutilated car and the physical consequences displayed. Car accidents, especially where alcohol or drugs are involved, ruin lives; point blank and simple.

A family chiropractor turns from preventative care to an adjustment procedure performing, rehabilitation training and a frequent therapy visited healer. Please be careful this holiday. Drive safe and don’t be FORCED to become a chiropractic patient. So from your friends at King Health Center, we wish you a Happy & Safe New Year.

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