Physically Fighting the Flu

Did you know that your local family chiropractor can help you fight that pesky flu season? This time of year, someone around you is inevitably sick, no matter where you are. Sick friends, family and coworkers are everywhere! Your immune system is what allows your body to fight off the infections, viruses and other diseases that plague daily life. The nervous system keeps your immune system producing the reflexive problem solving actions. Contact the best Orlando chiropractor for you and your family before the flu season hits its peak.
Fighting the Flu
Influenza Beware!

Most of us have had the flu at least once in our lives. Influenza is a viral infection that spreads faster than a middle school rumor. The more common rationales behind its annual appearance surround factors like:
  • Cold Weather
  • Back to School spreading of germs among children
  • The Flu vaccine itself (a common misnomer according to many)
  • A rough allergy season
There is another cause for illness that is somewhat newer to the main line-up. That is the occurrence of Vertebral or partial subluxation. The dictionary defines subluxation as the “slight misalignment of the vertebrae…” This unfortunate positioning causes excess pushing on nearby nerves. The poor nervous system is monopolizing all the fight of the immune system! Signals are getting crossed, chaos is ensuing and the perfect repairman to get your body back on track is King Health Center.

Your Body Works Hard For You

Having a healthy immune system goes beyond an intake of more Vitamin C and Fish Oil supplements. Most people forget to, or simply don’t know to, focus on their joints, muscular system and the effective flow of those nutrients, and others, throughout the entire body. Studies have shown that chiropractic techniques that improve the nervous system will in turn help the immune system. The two systems work together beautifully to make the body a complexly functioning organism that heals itself with its own contractions, responses and other movements. Irregularities with the nervous system cause problems for the other systems that the heart and brain are simultaneously laboring.

Chiropractic Works Hard For You

According to research done the last 20 years, even if you have a fantastic immune system, someone that receives chiropractic help is actually less likely to catch the flu! Practices like Vibration Therapy, massage and acupuncture help stimulate the proper circulation or corrective restoration of the nervous system. One of the vastly growing techniques is the utilization of spinal adjustments. So what does this all mean; that the immune system is improved with a healthy diet and exercise, sleep and chiropractic? Precisely.


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