Healthy Summer Foodies

Healthy Summer Foodies

Spend Your Summer Strengthening Your Health Consciousness!

  Hey graduates, are you mentally prepared to keep up with the nutritional routines and advice your parents carried out in your family home? Campus cafeterias have improved their dining hall options significantly over the past few decades thanks to better health educated students and staff actually CRAVING it! Salad bars and organic sections have popped up on campuses worldwide to provide a healthier palette for students and faculty. Sure there is still a long line for Monday’s pizza and Friday’s Fried Fish but at least it is not the ONLY option. As your summer before heading off to college life begins, take stock of what kind of personal health mentality you’re taking with you.  

Freshman 15

We’ve all heard of the dreaded “15” pounds freshman tend to gain thanks to the:
  • Fast Food – The less home cooking and access to a full kitchen means an increase in fast fixes. Delivery guys even get put on speed dial!
  • Junk Food – When the cat’s away, the mice will certainly play! Chocolate cake and cold spaghetti for breakfast? Sure, why not! Throw in some studying snacks and you’ve got a sugary, salty or processed daily menu that causes nothing but poor health.
  • Cheap Food – Living on a budget takes a whole new meaning when in college. Frugality starts to factor in more when it’s time to eat and high sodium, high carb and completely processed options begin to take a toll on the body.
Being aware of these and taking the initiative to condition your mind, body and spirit helps in steering yourself down a more health conscious path. Use your summer vacation wisely!  

Fueling Your Body

Your diet affects more of your daily functioning than you may think. You may be seeing more exercise thanks to a lack of a car (some campuses actually prohibit freshman from having cars on campus their first year) forcing you to walk everywhere. However, what you choose to fuel your body will affect your:
  • Concentration
  • Energy
  • Hygiene (do your new roommate a favor)
  • Muscle & Joint Strength
What you put in your body determines how well it works. Every bodily system relies on specific nutrients and vitamins obtained from food so keep yourself out of the campus health clinic by making smart decisions!


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