Give the Gift of Pain-Freedom

Give the Gift of Pain-Freedom

Did you get a gift certificate for a massage for Valentine’s Day? We hope so! Did you give one? We hope so! If not, why not?! A massage is the best gift because it isn’t just a piece of paper for some service IOU (I Owe You), it is… the gift of a pain free existence! No matter the age of the recipient, a massage is always right on time. Maybe the better option is a relaxing acupuncture session. Dr. Gary King does that and more!
Every function in your body will benefit from the best Orlando chiropractor massage techniques there are. From your breathing to your digestion to many more, massage improves your quality of life from every angle.

Motivated Muscles

It is commonly known that massages help relieve muscle tension. For this reason, you’re better off rubbing, or massaging, out a cramp instead of simply waiting it out. Just like the rest of your bodily systems, your muscles can get fatigued. They need replenishing by relaxation and a little TLC. Loosening your muscles reduces the risk of chronic pain or worse…more permanent damage.

Bone Battles

Did you know that your bones actually do reap some valuable benefits from a chiropractic massage? The better the circulation carrying nutrients and oxygen throughout your body, the stronger your bones will be. Pain resonates from agitated areas of the nervous system and your bones are support the activity from muscle movements.

Necessary Nerves

Even though a great massage helps your muscles and bones, the real assistance resides in the nervous system. Your nerves let you know what hurts. The “hurts” let you know something is wrong or happening out of the ordinary. If the pain is repetitive, massage will help relieve it so you can go about your day. Now picture a massage drawing attention to a latent issue. You would be surprised how incredible it is when a licensed professional picks up on the close-to-tearing ligament before any more serious harm can occur.

Massage therapy is a serious cure for many of the daily aches and ailments we encounter. It is so potent that when done regularly, it can offset the typical physical effects of stress. The more routinely you do the same action, whether it is bending, lifting or simply prolonged sitting (like at a work desk), the more your muscles and posture display the “wear and tear” of that activity. Stretch out those muscles and increase the limber mobility that your joints, bones and circulation needs!


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