Down Goes Uncle Phil!

Down Goes Uncle Phil!Any physician can agree that the holiday season brings out the interesting stories on why a patient is visiting his or her office. From decorating blunders to family rough housing that leads to bruised egos and bruised limbs, the life of a family chiropractor is never dull this time of year!
Three cheers to the brave souls that climb up high to string lights and hook traditional scenery! The end result is always the best part to onlookers but sometimes the best chiropractor is what the decorator is looking at. Sustaining injuries related to holiday festivities and fun stems from numerous situations. These common cases are extremely prevalent:
  • Stretching muscles and joints in odd/unusual ways
  • Straining for out-of-reach hooks and fixtures
  • Missing rungs of an unstable ladder
  • Electric shock pinching nerves
  • Soreness & pain due to bad sleeping arrangements and troublesome furniture
Let’s not forget the pressures of travel arrangements. Lengthy car rides can be a strain to joints, muscle functionality and proper circulation throughout the body. Poor blood and oxygen circulation can even cause clotting and other damaging internal distress. All of this raises concerns even before mentioning actual auto accidents!

Car crashes are of course severely dangerous, scary and sometimes even lethal. Beware the celebrating partygoer that foolishly turns into a drunk driver. Even small fender benders can cause internal damage that can take extensive physical therapy. Injuries from any car accident can look like:
  • Subluxation – dislodged vertebrae causing pain and/or discomfort
  • Sprains and Internal Bruising
  • Whiplash – strained ligaments from abrupt movements
  • Hernias – “slipped discs” in the spine
All of these situations and blunders can be avoided with proper patience and assistance. Make smart choices and know your limits. If something does happen, contact your friendly Orlando chiropractic at King Health Center for an array of services that will keep the celebrating going. Don’t forget that massage therapy and acupuncture visits make great presents for loved ones!


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