Back To School Zones

Back To School Zones

Hopefully you’ve had the pleasure of watching our fun yet informational video that sheds a little precautionary light on an important part of the Back to School season. Driving patterns and road conditions changes are just as important as which backpack and lunch box set to buy the kiddos. As school sessions start up, so do school zone times and increased amounts of child pedestrians hoping to safely cross the street. All summer you’ve reaped the traffic benefits of
  • No buses
  • No crossing guards
  • No lane cluttering Drop-Off/Pick-up Lines
  • Heavier Traffic
Well bye bye breezy commutes and hello increased traffic & safety patterns!  

When the Unthinkable Happens

Car accident injury is a serious and very possible reality that should be prevented with the use of smart, cautious driving. Avoiding bodily harm to you and others should be your top priority when behind the wheel; not how fast you get to your destination. If an auto accident does happen and injuries are incurred, you need an Orlando chiropractor that is
  1. Valued & Trusted by your Community
    • Do some research on who has been a staple in the community or well known & highly recommended
    • A successful track record with other locals is important, especially when planning to do recurring sessions
  1. Certified & Licensed Professional PHYSICIAN
    • If M.D. is not following the name, you are merely signing up for a glorified massage therapist. Though potentially very skilled, it is always best to consult a licensed physician who specializes in the chiropractic care you need.
  1. Industry Recognized
    • Gary King is a respected specialist in his field and has one of the best Orlando chiropractic care facilities in the area to date.
    • When other professionals in your field can recognize the exceptional work you do, it is no wonder success stories travel outside the area and pro athletes, high profile injury cases seek the help at King health Center!


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