April Showers, April Falls

April Showers, April Falls

Don’t Fall for Those April Showers

  On many occasions, those April showers that bring new life and freshness to our great green planet cause a playground of activity that is a beginning for some and a screeching halt for others. Enjoying rainy days is not just for the ducks and puddle jumping toddlers. Countless activities depend on the atmosphere or conditions that the rain brings. While some rely on those showers, others merely forge on screaming that the show must go on!   We Floridians know a thing or two about rainy days. From vision impairing downpours to sweet smelling sun showers, both indoor and outdoor activity continues on until those electrical bolts streak the skies. We also know how soft the ground gets after it rains as well as how a puddle can be deeper than it looks. Even still, we take the tumbles that trip us up and get into accidents no matter how prepared we may be.  

Rain vs Sports

Hopefully those cleats are laced up tightly and in regulation for your protection and the protection of your peers. A domino fall is only funny when it is done by dominos! When those April showers try to rain out your soccer game but the referee keeps the game going, use caution with every step you take. Watch your footing or else you’ll be watching your foot on the x-rays at the King Health Center.
  • Sloshy and slick grass makes footing less certain so be mindful of the force and traction you adhere to with every step.
  • No matter the sporting event, the ball or equipment used will have unusual rotations or range of motion that you should adjust to.
  • Visibility is impaired; not just yours but of other players so monitor routes of motion and how readily they start or stop around you.
    rain play     Dr. Gary King is an expert in the field with the best athletic chiropractic care the Greater Orlando and Kissimmee area has to offer.    

Rain vs Driving

There is no denying the effects rain has on road conditions. The only thing that changes is how we choose to navigate those roads. Naturally, more caution is taken as the dangers of situations like hydroplaning or poorly reacting brakes systems can occur. Auto collisions can cause serious damage to more than just a vehicle but with a family chiropractor who already knows your body and daily range of operation, you have a better chance of having your situation not be an entirely scary, life altering experience.
  • Wear your seatbelt (it is the law!)
  • Put that phone down (it is the law!) and keep it Ten and Two
  • Turn on those headlights (it is the law!)
  • Wait out any hydroplaning and DON’T PANIC!
  Your best bet when encountering those April showers is to travel, play and simply BE on the cautious side of every action you do. Rain is inevitable but the negative consequences of carelessness don’t have to be.   Let our family medical center’s best chiropractor provide exceptional, thorough care whether it is with massage therapy, acupuncture, vibration therapy or any other cutting edge techniques.


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